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Bike Week - The History Behind Team ICG


This week the UK celebrates “Bike Week” and we thought this would be a nice opportunity to tell you a little bit about ourselves and why we do what we do to get as many of you biking as we can.

Whilst Team ICG describes all of the riders, coaches, athletes, experiences, classes, educations and events that we hold, ICG (IndoorCycling Group) as a company was first founded in 1995 in Germany as Europe’s first Specialised indoor cycling manufacturer. The bikes, back then, were labelled “Tomahawk” after the name of a Power boat that the company owner, Bernd Puerschel, had seen race by on the water one day when living in the U.S. He loved the name and the “Tomahawk” brand was born. Bernd then set about building the highest quality (German-engineered) indoor cycles on the market and launched these with great success into the German market. Bernd surrounded himself not just with great engineers, but passionate fitness professionals because he instinctively knew that hardware with education and training held the greatest value for his customers. The Tomahawk brand grew rapidly in the German market and soon the company was branching out into Austria and Switzerland too with a dedicated sales team, admin staff, service engineers and Master Trainers. Distribution networks were quickly established throughout Europe with a variety of distribution partners and hours became very long to meet growing demand.

The entire team at ICG specialises ONLY in indoor cycles and there are some serious cycling geeks in the team. Their whole focus surrounds your cycling experience on the bike and to this end their purpose is the development of truly engaging programmes in the indoor cycling space.

Following the success of their indoor cycles into global markets, ICG began looking at indoor cycling like nobody ever had done before. What challenges are there for ordinary people who want to become involved in indoor cycling? Why, if so many people bike, and so many people see biking as a beneficial exercise, don’t more members become actively involved in a class? Through good research and asking questions never raised before within the sector, ICG discovered that the main reasons people didn’t engage with group cycling were as follows..

  • Fear of not knowing how the bike sets up and works
  • Fear of not being able to complete the class
  • Don’t like to exercise in a group and prefer being solo
  • Find the environment intimidating
  • Training times were set for classes and couldn’t always be met

So, with that information we tackled these challenges and in 2007 ICG introduced the Myride system. A personal, gym-floor-based virtual system which would allow people to train alone, at a time that suited them. It bridged the gap in knowledge by providing bike set up video support and high-quality coaching to support beginner, intermediate, and advanced riders through a variety of class length and styles building to a full, typically HIIT-orientated, style of class. The Myride system was born as a bridge from the gym floor to the indoor cycling studio and riders loved the newest innovation in the market; the virtual ride.

In 2014 ICG broke the mould again with Coach By Color. Sure, other companies had put power on a bike before, but nobody had really looked at making it usable for a group, or understandable for the masses. Coach By Color took what was perceived as a complex subject and presented it as white, blue, green, yellow, and red. To say that Coach By Color disrupted the market would be an understatement. The IC7 bike, on which Coach By Color was born, won multiple awards for design, and spurred other indoor cycling manufacturers to think about their Power training offering too. It changed the sector entirely.

Further developments came in 2016 with an improved range of bikes and the release of the ICG Connect programme before the acquisition of ICG by Life Fitness, an industry giant. As a company ICG had gone from start-up to global market leader in just over 20 years, and when Life Fitness bought the company into its family of brands, it did so with the knowledge that it was buying best-in-class. Lots of manufacturers offer indoor cycles but only Life Fitness offer a truly specialised experience which gives every rider something different.

So, during “Bike Week”, I want you to think. Is indoor cycling what you think it is? When was the last time you went to a class? Has it changed since then? We’ve got something for everyone.

If you’re an athlete and an avid WattBike enthusiast, you should seek out an IC8 Power Trainer and ride it. We promise you won’t be disappointed. You’ll love the setup, design, data quality and riding experience.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to try indoor cycling but you’re not sure if you’ll manage a whole class, or you feel like you don’t know what to expect. Go and seek out a virtual experience. If you want to go solo then seek out Myride personal. If you’re taking a friend then seek out Myride VX Group.

If you love to ride but you think that indoor cycling is “plastic miles”, seek out Coach By Color, discover your FTP, and improve your abilities from that day forward.

If you love competition and knowing that you’re smashing your ride buddies every segment then find ICG Connect and prove you’re number 1.

And if you love what you’ve always loved, the music, then find any ICG bike, because we’re pretty sure you’ll love them all.

Whatever you do, know that we’re here working hard, developing new experiences for you to enjoy and that our truest intent is to get as many riders, on as many bikes, with as many smiles as possible, every day, always.

Happy riding!!

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