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The majority of us understand how much digital technology affects our daily lives. We order products on Amazon, ride in an Uber, take care of our banking online, and turn to deliveroo when out of options for dinner.

But digital also plays a huge role across industries where you might not expect it.

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About the author: Showoff are an experiential design and display company who partner with Life Fitness to deliver strategic, visual and functional display solutions, that are designed to help you present and expand your business’ identity, persona and key messages to great effect.

When you think about the fundamental experiential factors within your leisure and fitness facility, where do you start, and how do you arrive? What is required to deliver the ultimate experience to your customers?

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About the author: Jenilee Matz, MPH is a medical writer at Walgreens, where you can find vitamins and supplements to complement a healthy diet and exercise routine. As an avid runner, she enjoys writing about how people can improve their health through exercise and nutrition. 

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