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The majority of us understand how much digital technology affects our daily lives. We order products on Amazon, ride in an Uber, take care of our banking online, and turn to deliveroo when out of options for dinner.

But digital also plays a huge role across industries where you might not expect it.

Farmers use connected equipment. You may not think of agriculture as being technologically savvy, but the people growing the world’s food supply know a thing or two about digital. John Deere is one of the leaders in this kind of technology. JDLink Connect lets farmers locate equipment like tractors and combines, view machine usage information, keep track of engine hours, plan preventive maintenance and more. It’s just part of a robust digital offering by the iconic machinery brand.

Workers who enter potentially hazardous confined spaces benefit from personal protective equipment that uses wireless connection. Remote monitoring systems provide real-time gas detection information and even alert workers if there’s a “man down” and provide them with information about the hazmat gear that may need to be worn in the case of a rescue.

Caterpillar understands the power of data, and has created an impressive suite of connected technology products for heavy-duty construction jobs. Its Cat Link Technology employs remote equipment monitoring to let site managers keep track of fuel and equipment use, payloads and more. Caterpillar has even used digital technology to help its equipment like bulldozers grade more efficiently.

Why Connected Equipment Matters in Fitness

Monitoring equipment, improving efficiency and keeping better track of business are all important regardless of the industry. In the fitness industry, these things are essential to keep a health club running at its maximum potential. That’s why connected equipment at any fitness centre is important. It simply makes a manager’s job easier because it can do a wide range of things.

  • Provide detailed equipment use information. Knowing when exercisers are using equipment and the exact equipment they’re using takes the guesswork out of rotation and future equipment purchases.
  • Allow for software updates. Digital-driven consoles can grow with the facility through software updates done through internet connection.
  • Offer service notifications. It’s easier to keep tabs on preventive maintenance with connected equipment because the usage data is at your fingertips. Plus, a facility can review all of the service updates made to specific pieces of equipment, enhancing efficiency.
  • Let’s a facility customise. On premium consoles, like Discover SE3 HD, a gym can create custom messaging, which is a great way to reach exercisers who are staring at the console screen during long cardio workouts.

The potential for digital in the fitness industry is so massive that it's hard to grasp. It’s a good idea for clubs to start embracing technology now, to ensure that they’re prepared for the exciting future.

Discover how Life Fitness is approaching digital fitness.

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