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As a trainer, author and motivational speaker with more than 10 years of fitness industry experience, I really love to improve people’s lives by helping them find fitness motivation every day. I have a degree in the science of sports & movement with specialization in fitness club management, personal training and life coaching. This mix has helped me better understand my fitness customer's challenges and push them towards success. So stay connected, stay motivated! 

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shutterstock_137167190.jpgWhether you’re a runner or a strength trainer, you’ve probably experienced a sore muscle after a workout. For a cross country runner just starting their season, you might find it difficult getting up the stairs or out of bed. For someone new to the strength area at the gym, you’re feeling the burn just getting into your car and reaching for the seatbelt. Fortunately, there are some ways to help relieve and prevent muscle soreness.


The fitness world is evolving very quickly. Today, acquiring helpful exercise data is possible thanks to the variety of fitness apps on smartphones and tablets. One might even think these apps could replace a personal trainer, as they offer workouts, recommendations and track progress. 

But is it really that easy? Are personal trainers in danger of extinction? My answer: definitely not! 

personal training

The technology revolution is not the only force impacting the future of fitness. There is another factor contributing to the changing needs of exercisers: evolution.  Our bodies have been changing since the dawn of human kind. The athletic, hunter-gatherer-nomadic lifestyle has given way over time to a more sedentary and unregulated life for most. A life comprised of largely unilateral movements. The effects of our current day-to-day activity (or lack thereof) have shaped the growing fitness trend known as corrective exercise and postural training.

Corrective exercise techniques can be utilized to help relieve pain and some even claim it can reverse improper posture. 

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