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Andrea Metcalf is a nationally recognized healthy lifestyle fitness expert and author of NAKED FITNESS. With a degree in exercise science and many training certifications, she shares tips and videos through social media including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, FitStudio, Sharecare with Dr. Oz  and as well as hosts personal weekly #FitnessU tweet chats to help inspire and educate people to be healthy.


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Everyone wants a few must-do moves to keep their muscles toned, lean and long.  Experts agree that Pilates can deliver those results. With moves that focus on lengthening the spine and controlled breathing, Pilates is known for improving your posture and whittling the waistline. Standing Pilates can do the same thing, but adds the challenge of balance. Try these five moves to start.

All exercises should be done standing with heels together and toes slightly wide keeping weight balanced in feet. Tuck tailbone slightly under and keep abs drawn into the spine.

1) Shoulder "T" Squeeze - Arms out to the side at shoulder height with palms facing down. Keep arms straight and pulse arms backwards 30 repetitions while exhaling on the squeeze.

2) Arm Raise Lift - Start with arms at side palms facing the body, inhale to prepare. Lift arms up over head as you raise heels off the floor and exhale. Swing arms downward and squeeze shoulder blades when arms are at side.  Repeat 20-25 repetitions.

Balance Exercises
Andrea Metcalf
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Everyone seems to understand the basics of losing weight: calories in versus calories out. However, we all have met those people that seem to eat whatever they want and don’t gain a pound. They claim, “I have a fast metabolism!” -- which may be true in your twenties and possibly your thirties but the quality and quantity of fuel you intake will build your body’s infrastructure (like it or not) to reflect these choices at some point over the years.

What is metabolism?

Metabolism is the chemical processes that occur within a living organism in order to maintain life. Translation: The amount of calories you need to breathe, eat, sleep and function on a daily basis.

How can I boost my metabolism?

Interval Training
weight loss
Boost Metabolism
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I’ve both owned and managed fitness clubs over the past twenty-something years and in my experience, I can tell you that it's easier to keep a client than find new ones. So what exactly keeps a member interested in your club? 

Here are five things that members say keeps them coming back:

Gym Membership
Fitness Industry
Gym Owners
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Member Retention

Anything that gets you up and moving is good for your health, so try incorporating some of these 10 ways to burn 100 calories into your daily routine.

1. Vacuuming: 25 minutes
Use good posture and stand tall instead of bent over to engage your tummy muscles. Alternate arms on the push and pulling of the movement. 

Focus: Arms

2. Walking: 15 minutes
Along with the calorie burn, taking a brisk walk 2-3 times a day can also help lower stress levels. Be sure to push off your big toe and take larger strides while swinging your arms.
Focus:  Legs

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Daily Exercise
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How to Burn More Calories

Is your workout routine starting to feel like the plot of “Groundhog Day”? Don’t be afraid of your own shadow. If you’re stuck in a rut, now is the time to try something new for the next 40 days, whether or not everyone’s furry friend predicts more winter weather. Check out these ideas:

1) Step it Up  - Switch up your cardio from the treadmill or elliptical to a summit trainer. The summit trainer works and challenges your lower body’s aerobic and muscular systems differently than a treadmill or elliptical, causing “muscle confusion” that yields results similar to a P90X workout.

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Groundhog Day
Weight Lifting
Super Slow Sets

If you’ve never thought of running a marathon, maybe now is the time. The motto for the "Be Bright Pink" Chicago marathon race team is "If you can run a mile, you can run a marathon." It sounds simple enough but after covering the marathon now for the past five years with NBC Chicago, I was not completely sold when they asked me to help corral up the runners and lead their team this year. 

You see, I'm not a runner. I'll use a treadmill, run enough to complete a triathlon, but running a marathon was not on my bucket list. However, like my recent climb up Mt. Kilamanjaro in the name of Ovarian cancer, I felt honored to be a leader on this team too.

Bright Pink is a non-profit organization which helps support the mission of enlightening and empowering young women to be proactive with their breast and ovarian health. So like the climb, I had to run full force to be lucky enough to help inspire, run, laugh and raise awareness for this amazing cause. We are furiously training now, preparing for the marathon in October.

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