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After spending eight years in and around health club operations for various chains in the UK, I found my way to Life Fitness and support our customers through facilities design and layout planning. For those that know me, they understand my passion for delivering solutions and providing our global customers with great service. When I'm not working, I love to play golf, watch some football (that's real football), spend time in the gym and be with friends and family 

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A recent Sports Marketing survey asked a sample of gym members about their sports-related spending for 2012. Breaking the sample into three categories (‘active to a healthy standard’, ‘active but not to healthy standards’, and ‘sedentary’), the survey provided proof of a suspected but important correlation—active members spend more on sports equipment.

How much more? Quite a bit, it turns out.

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Recent trends show the hotel industry is listening to their customers and focusing more on fitness with everything from workout kits delivered to your door to luggage racks that can be used as a workout bench.

Sure, many of us may never leave our beach chair or make it down to the workout room when we travel, but isn’t it nice to know the option is there? And maybe squeezing in that workout wouldn’t be so tough if the experience was more pleasant than the dingy, dark hotel gyms many of us are used to.

Sheraton Fitness has partnered with Core Performance to provide a well-rounded fitness and health offering in its hotels. On-demand workout videos and healthy meal options make staying on track easier for travellers. They’ve also invested in new, state-of-the art fitness centers complete with programming from Core Performance. 

Sheraton Core Performance Gym with Life Fitness Equipment

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Technology has made it easier than ever to connect people all over the world. Whether you are giving a presentation to your Paris-based management team from your Sao Paulo office, or instant messaging with a sibling in Sydney from your laptop in London, it’s pretty clear that our daily lives are no longer constrained by location or time. So why should fitness centers operate on the old 9-5 schedule?

The 24-hour fitness center trend began in the U.S., where it has remained a popular way to cater to the niche market of nocturnal exercisers, but over the past few years, many international facilities have adopted the 24-hour schedule to capitalize on the opportunity to increase member retention and aquisition. For example, popular 24-hour franchise chain Anytime Fitness has experienced tremendous growth over the past several years. Their focus on smaller facilities, high-quality equipment and of course, 24-hour convenience, has allowed them to expand outside of the U.S. with stunning locations in Australia, England and now India, Spain, New Zealand, Qatar and the Netherlands – you can be sure there are many more planned.

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