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Noelle and Kern

Noelle and Kern are the personal training duo behind Fitness a Way of Life - a New York based personal training business that focuses on a "mind over body" approach to fitness. They love to share their experts tips, favorite workouts and healthy recipes on their blog and YouTube channel and through their work with the Fit Fluential Community. 


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Do you want abs of steel? Sit-ups alone aren’t going to cut it, so we’ve put together a quick, but challenging workout to add to your routine. Remember, half the battle in getting washboard abs is watching what you eat. The other half is doing a workout that is varied enough to challenge you and work all the different abdominal muscles.

The Workout:

4 minutes- No Breaks

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In this routine, all you need is an exercise mat and resistance band. The goal is to make this workout continuous - that means no breaks if you can hold it. Keep in mind that while you’re isolating your arms and legs, your core is always engaged from the plank position. 

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