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Being in the fitness industry since 1985, I've had the opportunity to work at several great companies and I'm really excited to be back at Life Fitness. I started my career as an engineer, transitioned into product management, and now am responsible for product and sales education. I hope to be able to contribute some interesting stories along with industry trends and insights to this blog.

Favorite Workout: TRX, Medicine ball, Kettlebell, Dumbbell, Bodyweight circuit training at home with my wife and kids.


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We launched SYNRGY360™ group training more than a year ago as a pioneering system that provides a full-body workout for exercisers of all levels. It operates like a fitness playground, where you can mix and match seemingly unlimited exercises into one challenging and fun workout session. 


With the flexibility of SYNRGY360 training, facilities have been able to change the dynamics of their business. We’re hearing that some places are using the multifunctional system as the hub of their facility. Other clubs and gyms have added SYNRGY360 training to their class offerings. Some facilities are designating specific areas of their gyms or clubs as SYNRGY360 training spaces.

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Group Training

On the opening day of IHRSA 2014, Life Fitness unveiled SYNRGY BlueSky, a small group training unit built exclusively for the outdoors. It’s a trailblazer for the small group contingent, a boon for the outdoor exercise movement, and a cutting-edge exercise tool with a variety of configurations. 

Small Group Training
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SittingDisease.jpgThe thought that something usually relaxing for your body may actually be relaxing you to death is discomforting enough, but there are some facts emerging about the aptly-named “sitting disease” that, according to this source, are just downright scary. It proves that you can have too much of a good thing.


Creating our Insignia Series product line presented a unique challenge. Because our Signature Series selectorized line was over 10 years old, it made sense to replace it with an innovative new product. But at the same time, sales of Signature Series were at an all-time high and growing each year.

LIfe Fitness

If you’re going to do it, you might as well do it right. This applies to just about everything in life, and strength training – increasingly important as we age – is no different. Here are four common strength-training mistakes and some tips for turning these mistakes into successes.

strength training
Hammer Strength
LIfe Fitness

I’m back at Life Fitness. Walking into the Franklin Park, Ill. facility a few months ago after being away for almost five years brought back a flood of memories. One memory stands out that involves the first time I walked through those same doors about 16 years ago.

I was working for another fitness equipment manufacturer, leading the strategy and development of our strength training products.  Like today, the fitness industry was very competitive, but then, companies either specialized in cardio or strength machines.  We were leaders in the strength category and trying to gain some momentum in the cardio market. Life Fitness was the leader in cardio, based on the Lifecycle exercise bike and a high performance treadmill, but also offered a computerized strength product called Lifecircuit, and had just purchased a small strength company in California. The landscape for fitness equipment manufacturers was going to change. 

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