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As a graduate of the University of Cincinnati, I hold a Bachelors of Science in health promotion & education with an emphasis in exercise science. In the time I’ve worked for Life Fitness I’ve had the opportunity to aid hundreds of club owners in selecting the best equipment for their facility. I love the design aspect of facility planning and strive to offer our customers the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

When I’m not meeting with customers or hypermiling through Ohio, you can find me relaxing at home with my wife and animal family (2 miniature schnauzers and 3 cats). My fanaticism for bacon, bone in filets, French press coffee, film, reggae music, and strength & conditioning are unparalleled.

Favorite Workout: basic barbell training, kettlebells, shamanic breathing and couch stretching


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ThreeStrategiesForBuildingASuccessfulClub.jpgRunning a gym, health club or fitness facility isn’t a turn-key operation. Remaining competitive and improving customer service requires continuous dedication and creative ways to find new clients. It’s also important to keep the current members coming back on a regular basis. Consider the checklist of ways to expand your business potential.


Part 2 of a 3 part series that will provide tips and how to’s on opening a new gym.

In the first part of this series we discussed the different types of facilities one could open, the differences between a franchise and an independent club and funding options. In this next installment we’ll delve into the world of finding a property, floor planning and commercial fitness equipment purchasing.

Location, Location, Location! 

Deciding where to open your fitness facility may be one of the most, if not the most, important factors for determining your success or failure. According to IHRSA's Guide to the Health Club Industry for Lenders & Investors, “the trading area for clubs in competitive markets extends no more than 10-12 minutes travel time from the club, which translates into no more than five miles from the club site.”  Furthermore, the IHRSA Trend Report cites lack of convenience and close proximity as being one of the top reasons former gym members quit a gym.

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Fitness is booming and with the ever increasing number of corporate wellness programs and health insurance incentives, opening a gym appears to be full of opportunity. However, with all of the different options (trends, facility type, commercial gym equipment, programming, etc.), taking that first step in opening up a gym can be quite daunting. This 3 part series will hopefully shed some light on where to begin and provide resources for learning more about the gym business.

What type of facility should I open?  Deciding what type of facility you’d like to open is an excellent starting point. There are thousands of options ranging from the one stop shop that offers something for everyone to niche facilities. Aligning the type of facility you’re planning on opening with the area demographics is paramount. For example, if the area you’re opening in has a median resident age of 55, the population is over 60% female, and the estimated median household income is $23,000.00 you probably would not want to open up an Mixed Martial Arts facility that focuses on private grappling sessions.

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Staying healthy can be a challenge when your job consists of sitting in a truck for up to 12 hours per day. In fact, statistics from the National Institute of Health show that more than 50 percent of truck drivers are obese, compared to the national rate of 26.7 percent. TravelCenters of America/Petro (TA) recognized an opportunity to provide its customers with tools to battle this growing problem. That’s why they launched the StayFit program in 2010 to provide fitness facilities and healthy lifestyle programs, free of charge to TA rewards members.

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