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Working in the digital marketing department, I am constantly exposed to the latest and greatest of the online world; and as a runner and sporadic health nut, I'm always on the lookout for ways to keep my workouts fresh and new. I'll be bringing you what I find so you have the best ways to combine online tools with your workouts to stay motivated!  

Favorite Workout: Running and laughing out loud on the treadmill while watching Ellen


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TricksofTrailRunning.jpgFall is in full swing, and falling leaves and colorful paths create whole new world to run in. For a top-tier cardio experience, we recommend the natural surroundings, improved surfaces and performance-boosting challenges of trail running.

trail running
outdoor exercise
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ThreeFoodsForFitness.jpgStaying fit isn't just about exercise output – it shares an equal relation to caloric and nutritional input, and how the chemical reaction of each ingredient can influence the body. You know the basics: easy on the pizza. Hands off the cookie dough. Unfortunately, while many fitness-seekers know what not to eat, they haven't figured out which foods to gravitate toward. Discover three foods that can serve as assets, accelerants, fuels and replinishers.


All year round there are a number of great races to get your blood pumping and have some fun. But which is right for you? We’ve broken down some of the biggest and toughest races in the country (and beyond) by difficulty to help you satisfy your competitive spirit, no matter what your fitness level.


Ever since I trained for and ran my first half-marathon last February, I have been extremely interested in experimenting with healthy recipes. One ingredient keeps appearing over and over in the recipes I’m finding – quinoa. While it looks similar to rice, quinoa isn’t actually a grain at all; it’s a seed. And this little seed packs lots of protein and fiber, so it’s a great replacement in rice or pasta dishes. You may have seen LFA Master Trainer Deb’s post last week about a quinoa salad. If you haven’t, I would recommend checking that out as well.

But quinoa is not only for savory dishes; it has a sweet side too.  

Clean Eating
Healthy Recipes

ZucchiniBr6.jpgIt seems like this past summer and even into fall (at least in the Midwest), everyone’s gardens were overflowing with zucchini. A person can eat only so much zucchini bread so it’s time to get creative with that squash. As I am always looking to “healthify” my favorite sweet treats, zucchini brownies are one of my go-tos. This version is also vegan and you will have no idea zucchini is in there. 


I get it. Sure, it’s 11:00 pm on a Wednesday, but you’re not tired yet, you have more work to do, and the next episode of such-and-such is on. Listen – there are all manner of justifiable excuses for not getting the necessary shuteye (7-9 hours for adults). But the truth of the matter is this:

LIfe Fitness

July4thDesserts.jpgWe’ve all experienced that moment – our time at the restaurant winding down, the entrees consumed and the forks lying like fallen arms on empty plates. “Would you like dessert with that?” the hovering waitress asks. And there ensues the fateful pause. 

Healthy Eating
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Fitness apps are to today what diet fads were to the 80’s: there are a million choices, and very few will give you results. To aide in the search, we waded through the sea of software to pick out some of our favorites that will keep you motivated and burning through those extra calories.

Workout Apps
fitness apps

Music is a great motivator when working out and having a fresh playlist to run to makes me excited to keep my workouts up. Plus, keeping pace with the beat gives you drive to push yourself just a little harder.

The ‘80s is my favorite music era for pumping up a workout because the music is upbeat, fun, a little silly and there’s something for everyone. This playlist includes some of my all-time favorites.

Comment and tell us what you would add.

Michael Jackson
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'80s music
fitness playlist
music playlist

On those hot, miserable days when you just want to hit the outdoors for a run, what is it exactly that makes it so miserable? Is it the heat? The humidity?

Actually, it turns out that it’s neither. What’s really making those runs so exhausting is something you might overlook during your daily weather check: the dew point.

Hot Weather

For most people, Thanksgiving means a day full of family, friends and food. For our international readers, it’s just another Thursday. But even if you aren’t eating a huge turkey dinner this week, we hope this playlist will put you in a thankful mood.

Running a Turkey Trot? Try this playlist full of songs of thanks to get you moving:  

Turkey Trot
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Holiday Workouts
Workout Music

Sports movies always seem to have the best soundtracks. They contain the perfect blend of pump-up jams and dramatic compositions to make you feel like you’re as much a part of the game as the characters in the movie. Here are my favorite songs from classic sports movies that always get me motivated to keep my workout moving. 

Best Workout Music
workout playlist
Sports Movie Songs
Eye of the Tiger

Interval training can be a great way to get an effective workout in a short amount of time. This type of workout can pose a problem for your playlist though. I’ve come up with an interval training workout playlist that will keep your energy up during the high-intensity intervals and bring the pace down for the lower-intensity and rest periods.

Music can also serve as an easy way to time your intervals and signal you to move on to the next exercise. Try this playlist with the interval training workout of the month from Life Fitness Academy: Bi’s, Tri’s and Thighs

Interval Training
Interval Workout Playlist
workout playlist
Low-Intesity Workout
High-Intensity Workout
Life Fitness Academy

Summer time is here and I couldn’t be more excited. These are just a few of the summer hits you’ll find on my iPod, whether I’m running outside or hitting the gym. What would you add to the list?

1. Alice Cooper – School’s Out (Even if I’m not in school anymore, this song brings me right back to the days when we got summer breaks.)

2. Martha and the Vandellas - Dancing in the Street

3. Beach Boys – Surfin’ USA (Any Beach Boys song makes for an awesome summer workout playlist but I love listening to Surfin’ USA and pretending I’m on a surfboard.) 

Beach Boys
workout playlist
Summer Hits

As an avid iPad user, I’m always looking to download an app for my favorite store, entertainment news, workout programs, magazines, pretty much everything. An app formatted for my iPad makes my experience easier for browsing, saving items and getting my information fast.

With the new Life Fitness catalog app, I can jump to the products I’m interested in, watch videos for a deeper look into each product and quickly get to the spec information for all the details. 

Life Fitness Catalog
Catalog App
Digital Catalog
Product Information

Smartphones make it easier than ever to track our fitness and health routines. Here is a list of my favorite fitness apps that will make your workout more fun, more productive and more effective.

1. Lose It!

You will find this app on most of the top lifestyle app lists and for good reason. Lose It! is one of the best, fee apps to track your food intake and weight loss goals. Need reminders to log your food and exercise? You got it with this app.

2. Pinterest

Pinterest may not be your first go-to for health & fitness—but it should be! This app (and website) is a mecca for healthy recipes and workout tips. You can find something new every time you log on so there is no excuse to not vary up your workouts and eating habits.

Tap Watch
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Daily Yoga
Lose It
Workout Apps
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Calorie Counting

If there is one thing I must do every summer, it has to be taking advantage of the warm weather and being outside as much as possible. There’s nothing better than getting together with your friends and family and partaking in a little friendly competition.  However, summer heat waves can get intense, so here’s my list for everything you need to stay comfortable and cool all summer long, no matter what activity you’re enjoying. 


When running during the summer, staying cool is key. Moisture-wicking tees are the best for keeping the sweat away from your body on those sticky days. Try a Nike Dri-fit top in a fun neon color to stay fashionable (and safe). 

Workout Clothes
Under Armour
Summer Workout Gear
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As the temperature outside gets colder and the rain turns to snow, most people head indoors to keep up with their exercise routine. What easier way to stay fit all year long than to build an awesome home gym? Options for home exercise equipment may seem limitless. Take a look at our Buyer's Guide to find out what type of exerciser you are, and what type of fitness equipment best fits you and your style.

At Life Fitness, we (of course) love running on treadmills, but sometimes braving the elements is worth it for a little fresh air and sunshine. With the right layers and accessories, there is nothing keeping you from sticking to your outdoor exercise, so we’ve rounded up a few of our favorites.

Your base layer needs to keep you warm but also wick away sweat to prevent you from getting cold later.

Try this Nike long sleeve tee

North Face
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Cold Weather Running
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Winter Workout

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