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Katy N.

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I am an artist at heart, so it’s great that I’ve been able to use my creative and technical background to lead the Facility Experience Team at Life Fitness since 2005. I love that my job blends interior architecture practices and creativity to explore the dynamic between people and constructed environments. I appreciate thoughtful designs which offer function and aesthetics to generate meaningful experiences and I’m going to bring you some interesting posts about that.


Favorite workout:  Outdoor activities and core exercises.


Blog Posts


Nobody wants to spend time at the gym trying to figure out what to do next. The sleekest, most sophisticated machines in the world hold much less appeal if they are not framed in a comfortable and inviting environment. These simple truths mean that if a facility owner or manager is not paying enough attention to floor design, they are missing out on subtle ways to attract new members and retain the current ones.


It seems that employers have caught on to the fact that healthy employees can equal lower insurance premiums, fewer sick days and less short-term sick leave. Not to mention, happy, fit employees are usually more productive and well, happy.  As a result, there are more ways than ever to use the workplace as support on the path to get fit.

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