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True fact – fitness really is what I live for! As a group exercise instructor, I love being able to motivate people to lead healthier, more active lifestyles, whilst as part of team UK Marketing for Life Fitness I feel privileged to be involved in bringing you all you need to know about our latest and most innovative product developments. With my ‘blogger’ cap on, I’ll be writing about industry trends - both at home and on a more global scale - as well as indulging every now and again in my passion for everything group ex and HIIT!

Favorite Workout:  HIIT-style on SYNRGY360


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Who doesn't like the Olympics? Once every two years, spectators from around the world watch a multitude of events performed by most talented athletes on the planet. Following the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, the 2014 Winter Olympics will converge this February in Sochi, Russia, and Hammer Strength equipment will function as an essential hub.


HammerStrengthChestPress_mr.jpgSome of us might think that strength training is just for athletes, right? Well, it’s not! Though athletes use strength equipment in the gym to become stronger and faster, there are other reasons fitness equipment manufacturers like Hammer Strength specialize in strength equipment. You may be surprised at the numerous reasons you should add strength training to your fitness routine  whether you’re an athlete or not. And remember, strength training doesn’t automatically correlate to getting huge. It means building a healthier body.


At a typical trade show, the usual procedure is for the manufacturer to engage in “song and dance” and the customer to “oooo” and “ahhhh.” But at Leisure Industry Week (LIW), the leading U.K. fitness industry trade show, Life Fitness customer St. Peter’s Leisure Centre in Burnley stole the show – featuring its elite staff of personal trainers who wanted to demonstrate their success in adopting the Synrgy360 training program. 

Leisure Industry Week
St. Peter's

“I’ve studied the science behind training and I apply proven scientific methods in delivering it.”

It is through the application of this philosophy that mixed martial arts (MMA) champion Nick ‘Headhunter’ Chapman has launched Fight Science – a brand new concept in gym-based training for the U.K.

Located in Aldershot, Fight Science opened just over a year ago, turning a former British Army boxing gym and 20,000 sq ft of floor space into a state-of-the-art facility.

Nick Chapman
Hammer Strength
HD Elite
United Kingdom
Fight Science

It is impossible to nail down one definition of fitness universally applicable to us all. What ‘fitness’ means to one person may not be appropriate to another. It’s fair to say that as well as the obvious connotations of physical conditioning, ‘fitness’ encompasses much more than that.

It’s about mindset, relevance, context, and – particularly in today’s fast-paced society – about convenience. With goals and aspirations broad and far-reaching, and an industry awash with training techniques, theoretical thinking and daily innovation, it isn’t surprising that we each, as individuals, seek different things from the facilities in which we work out.

Changing trends: big brands vs small spaces

The rise of national chains during the 1980s brought with it a shift in perception towards the notion of ‘keeping fit’. No longer was it a luxury available only to those who could afford it; the ability to exercise conveniently had landed on everyone’s doorstep, even found its way into living rooms across the world, thanks to the advent of home workout videos. 

Personal Training Studio
Choosing the Right Gym
Les Mills
Health Club Chains

When Darian Vidaure, an ambitious college student, contacted us about obtaining a full report of the global Fitness and Technology Survey for reference in a school project, we were happy to share our findings with him. In exchange, we asked if he would be willing to share his observations with us as well. His study points to the same trends we’ve been finding: technology has changed, and will continue to change, the way we workout and connect at the gym. 

Fitness and Technology Survey
Smart Phones

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