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As the national athletic manager and contributing writer of this blog – I work with coaches of all levels everyday.  I get to see rooms come alive and the end results come in strength gains, growth, and championships. However, if you ever see me out running please offer me a ride.

Favorite Workout: Wrestling and biking with my kids


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Registration for 2013 Hammer Strength Clinics opens today for 14 cities across the U.S. Featuring speakers from the top collegiate and high school programs in the country, these clinics are packed with information and the opportunity to network with other success-driven coaches.

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Hammer Strength
Athletic Training Clinics
Strength Clinics
Hammer Strength Clinics

The Fall 2013 Hammer Strength Sports Specific Clinics have been announced, with a line-up of key speakers providing top level lectures and instruction on strength and conditioning topics.  

This fall’s clinics will be basketball, wrestling, baseball and lacrosse-specific. The clinics are focused on the sport and the functional training that helps these athletes excel at all levels. The speakers that are brought in are experts in their field and currently work with the athletes at the Collegiate, Pro and Private levels.

Hammer Strength Clinics

As athletes begin pre-season training and summer temperatures continue to climb, the danger of dehydration has become a hot topic. 

Reading the paper a few weeks ago, I cringed at the Fort Hayes, Kan. forecast of 112 degrees along with the other record July temperatures set in cities across the U.S. I couldn’t help but think of the athletes. So I reached out to some coaches and friends of Hammer Strength to find out what they are doing to prepare athletes for this extreme heat. 

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The 2013 Hammer Strength Clinic locations have officially been announced and with 17 locations across the U.S., it will be our largest program yet. The Hammer Strength Clinics have been a great vehicle for us to help coaches deliver the top lectures, demos, ideas, techniques and topics for discussion in the strength and conditioning profession.  They have served as an unbiased forum for coaches to discuss their programming and express their feelings regarding all facets of training. Over the last 5 years we have held 36 clinics and learned a lot from the speakers and attendees.

We are excited to announce the following cities for 2013:

Strength and Conditioning
Reach Your Potential Training
2013 Hammer Strength Clinics Schedule
Carlo Alvarez
Aaron Ausmus
Craig Sowers
University of Cincinnati
Hammer Strength Clinics

At this year's Hammer Strength Clinics, Life Fitness and Hammer Strength went to 11 different cities around the United States and brought in more than 70 different speakers to share the best in athletic strength training. The 900 attendees included high school and college coaches, pro teams, performance trainers, personal trainers, nutritionists, rehab trainers, and aspiring coaches who are students at colleges and high schools.

Some of this year’s top speakers:

 Joe Kenn, Carolina Panthers, Jeff Connors, East Carolina Pirates, Ron McKeefery, University of Tennessee, John Sisk, Furman University, Pat Ivy, University of Missouri, and Neil Puduzi, Georgia Tech. 

We’ve compiled some of the key learnings from the 2012 Hammer Strength Clinic season. 

athletic training
Strength and Conditioning
Hammer Strength
Hammer Strength Clinics

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