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Russ Krch

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A 28-year Life Fitness veteran, I joined the team right out of college - before it was even called Life Fitness. I've filled many different engineering roles in my time here and am so happy to be doing today what I knew I wanted to do ever since I was 14-years-old. Inspired to be an engineer by the Apollo 13 mission, I even had the chance to meet the legendary Capt. Jim Lovell through my work. To this blog I’ll bring some of the history and stories that are so important to Life Fitness.

Favorite Workout: Using equipment I helped create, like the Life Fitness Integrity and Activate products, on my lunch hour.


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Life Fitness has been at the forefront of the industry for more than 40 years, and I’ve seen the company through 28 of those, back before we were called Life Fitness. As an engineer, I started with Life Fitness’ predecessor Bally Manufacturing in 1984, when Bally started producing the original Lifecycle for Augie Nieto and his team. At that time I was working as part of a specialized group of engineers looking to create new and innovative fitness products. We had a lot of big ideas, but our most revolutionary for the time was the Lifecircuit.











1989 Ads for the Lifecircuit

Electronic Weight Machines
Life Fitness Flashback
Heavy Negatives
Augie Nieto
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