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100,000 Exercisers Using Virtual Trainer Website- Are you?


We launched the Life Fitness Virtual Trainer website just over three years ago and today, the 100,000th user registered for the free online tool that tracks your workout progress and stores your profile information.

The Life Fitness Virtual Trainer keeps me on task with my workouts and the prompt to share results with Facebook is the extra motivation I need to run just a little bit further. 

You’ve probably heard that interval training is best for dropping calories quickly, right? Or that speed intervals are the fastest way to get your run time up? I use the Virtual Trainer website to pre-program intervals that will push me to run faster, so when I get to the gym I can just jump on the machine and run—it’ll know who I am and will let me pick which work out I want to do.

Life Fitness is sold in more than 120 countries, so who are these 100,000 registered Virtual Trainer users?  The majority of those that report their gender are male. 

Over half are between the ages of 25 and 44, but people of all ages are using the Virtual Trainer to get in shape.

Virtual Trainer users speak 12 different languages in countries all over the world. 

Join the Virtual Trainer community of tech-savvy fitness enthusiasts to start showing your friends what working out hard really looks like. You can use the website or do it right from your phone through the Virtual Trainer app.

The app allows you to log cardio, strength and even outdoor workouts on-the-go, and your results will sync wirelessly with your Virtual Trainer website account. If you plug your iPhone into the machine, it’ll store your results right from the machine’s console.  Now, when users connect their iPhone or iTouch to the Life Fitness Elevation Series cardio products, the machine recognizes the app and will stream workout updates back to the Life Fitness Virtual Trainer in a one-step process.

If you created a Virtual Trainer workout worthy of praise, comment below to tell us and we’ll try it out for ourselves. 

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