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At Life Fitness, we can still appreciate the benefits of running outdoors! You are there amongst the open roads with the sun on your face and the wind at your back. But with winter on its way, and the weather turning, we prefer putting in the miles on a treadmill instead.

Here are our four big reasons why a treadmill is a good place for your runs this winter.

1. Treadmills Are Easy on Your Joints

One pitfall of running outdoors is the many rough surfaces that harshly impact your muscles, joints and bones. Pounding on pathways made of concrete and tarmac can do damage after time. Thankfully, most good treadmills don’t have this problem. For instance, all Life Fitness treadmills are equipped with the FlexDeck Shock Absorption System, which provides cushioning for the impact of each stride. This can reduce stress on the joints by as much as 30%.

2. Treadmills Have Countless Fitness and Entertainment Features 

Running outside can provide beautiful and dramatic vistas, but depending on location, it can also force you to look at uninspiring suburban streets and vast stretches of unchanging concrete pavements. Treadmills, however, possess an array of entertaining diversions that invigorate your mind while making time go much faster. For example, Life Fitness Discover SE3 Consoles offer TV, internet, a variety of games and virtual courses, and compatibility with popular entertainment and fitness apps. 

3. Treadmills Operate in Perfect Running Conditions

As the seasons change, treadmills thankfully stay the same – they’re convenient, and not subject to cold winds, intermittent rains and slippery surfaces. Put simply, treadmills offer you the most reliable terrain in the best conditions. Exercise without worry is the best exercise of all.

4. Treadmills Can Mimic Outdoor Resistance

One assumed disadvantage of treadmills is in that they can’t compensate for the environmental challenges of running outside – wind resistance, changes in gradation and the lack of a self-propelling surface. Fortunately, the solution is as easy as clicking a button. Adjusting the treadmill incline by just 1 percent can up the intensity and create a similar experience to running on a flat surface outdoors.

For more information about the various treadmills offered by Life Fitness click here.

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