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4 Ways to Change Up Your Treadmill Workout


11.254WaysToChangeYourTreadWorkout.jpgHello, winter! The days of sunny carefree runs are long gone thanks to snowy and slippery conditions. Thankfully, the trusty treadmill is not a one trick pony. Mix up your workout these four ways to bust boredom and burn calories on the belt!

Hit The Hills

When you run outside, the road is never flat. Make your treadmill workout match the hilly reality by playing with the incline. Even increasing the incline by one or two percent adds resistance and an extra lower body challenge to your workout. Throughout your run or walk, conquer a bigger “hill” by setting the incline to 10 percent or higher for two minute intervals. Go steep and see results!

Walk with Weights

Double-task your workout by combing strength and cardio into one session. Grab a set of 3-to 5-pound weights before hopping on the treadmill to sculpt your arms and increase calorie burns. Walk at a quick pace while doing bicep curls, shoulder presses, and lateral raises. You can also simply hold the weights while walking normally to sneak in an extra challenge!

Save Time With Sprints

A long run on a treadmill will add mileage to your training routine, but busy days don’t always allow for an hour-long workout. Switch things up and save time with sprint intervals. Get more work done in less time by cranking up the speed and trying one of our favorite treadmill interval workouts:

  • Sprint 20 seconds, walk 40 seconds. Repeat 10 times total for an effective 10-minute workout.
  • Walk 1 minute, jog 1 minute, sprint 30 seconds. Repeat 5 times total. In and out in under 15 minutes!

TV Core Challenge

Since most of us are tuned into the TV while on the treadmill anyways, why not turn your favorite show into a bonus core challenge? During the show, run or walk like you normally would on the treadmill, but during the commercial breaks, jump off and hit the floor. Hold a plank for as long as you possibly can and then flip over and finish with crunches until the break is over. For the next commercial, do the same thing but swap traditional crunches for bicycle crunches to target your obliques. 


Happy treadmilling!

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