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A Home Treadmill That Every Serious Runner Will Love


Treadmills are for beginners, right? After all, every serious runner goes outdoors to brave the elements, take in the scenery and train organically for race day. 

But that's not really true these days. Though there have long been concerns about the effectiveness of training for a marathon on a treadmill, technology has caught up to the needs of runners who take the sport seriously. What's more is that even pro runners are using treadmills to train.. In fact, some top U.S. Olympians and trainers have publicly touted some of their treadmill workouts.

One of the limitations a runner attempting to use a treadmill to train for a marathon runs into is the fact that most of the machines simply don't offer enough time. After all, if one is training for a 26.2-mile race, how does one break up that preparation into exercise intervals that may only last two hours? 

The Life Fitness T5 treadmill offers answers to runners' toughest training challenges – right in the comfort of their own homes. Here are a few reasons runners will love this treadmill more than the average one. 

Run your marathon. The T5 offers a marathon mode that does just what it says – that is, you can run a full marathon where the machine doesn't stop until you do. On the Track consoles, there is no time limit in Marathon Mode, which means a runner can complete a full out 26.2 miles if they wish. 

Get in the 5K or 10K zone. There are two sports training workouts that cater to the runner training for a 5K or 10K. The distance-goal modes simulate an actual terrain with varying incline levels. 

Choose your terrain. Another concern about treadmills in general is how they may prepare a runner for performing on outside surfaces. To address that issue, the T5 can simulate different running surfaces, due to the ability to adjust the flex deck firmness. The runner can change the setting to mimic running on grass, track or pavement. 

Enjoy less impact on knees and joints. The T5 decreases impact up to 30 percent and gives runners the space for long strides and movements. Again, the flex deck can be adjusted to the runner's preference to periodically give those knees a much-needed break.


Times have changed for the treadmill. From serious runners to runners who are ready to get serious, the running machine now offers a fresh appeal.

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