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A Year of the Life Fitness’ 2013 Personal Trainer to Watch


Life Fitness’s 2013 Global Personal Trainer to Watch … what can I say?

One of the best experiences of my life.

I was amazed to find myself named as one of the final ten candidates on judging day – held in the UK during September 2013. I was just recovering from Weil’s Disease, and was filled with equal amounts of anticipation and trepidation.

The judging day was both intense and rewarding. I loved the fact that we were judged and interviewed based on knowledge, values, principles, experience and practical coaching. The depth and quality of the judges was intimidating, but the Life Fitness Team was exceptional. The day flowed naturally and the other trainers I met inspired me by relaying their own fascinating experiences in the field. When it was time to hear the winner, I thought that anything could happen.

Winning the award was completely unexpected, as just being one of the ten finalists was an honor. To actually win, however, wasn’t just a personal victory – it was an amazing opportunity to help more people feel good, inside and out, mind and body. I love what I do, am passionate about learning and growing, and especially about empowering more people. Winning this has pushed me to become even better at what I do, and help even more people in the process. 

Over the last year Energised Performance has grown, and through that growth has given an increasing number of people the tools and skills to change their lives. I have worked with clients, media personalities and Team GB all over the world, from Kenya, Kuwait and New Zealand to Argentina, Paris and New York. I have run VIP workshops for Sweaty Betty with the Fit Inside Out Formula, Mind and Body Confidence, and run Gain the Edge Sports Performance Workshops across the UK. Currently I am writing books and online courses, and we will be running these in the US by request, too. 

Continuing my fundraising, we have nearly raised £38, 000 since 2004, with an aim to hit £40k by the autumn. I just ran the Sierra Leone Marathon and worked with Street Child, as part of Gambia Bird Team to raise awareness and funds. I also competed at Body Power in a Fitness Modelling competition, training with Physique Elite Models.  

I write for many leading fitness magazines, doing so as a columnist for Ultrafit and a Brand Ambassador for Sweaty Betty, Shock Absorber, Mizuno and Infinity Pro Power Bands. I present to global companies with my celebrity clients, including Mark Foster Well-Being and Performance seminars. I am part of the Tabata Master Team for Universal Studios. 

My life is fruitful and fulfilling, and I am very grateful. The next steps are to develop our programs to help even more people, and create new opportunities that empower people to realize their full potential. Personally, I still manage the secondary encephalitis following the Weils disease, but this has increased my knowledge and understanding of the human physiology, nutrition and well-being. 

I look forward to being a judge for this year’s Life Fitness Award, and to learn from the talented finalists and judges – it will be a great day.

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