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Breakfast of Champions – The Key to Fitness Success


BreakfastOfChampions.jpgThere are many reasons we don’t eat breakfast – some of us are trying to limit our calories, others are strapped for time, and others still are simply “not breakfast people.” It seems so much easier to grab a coffee and get a head start on rush hour than it does to sit down and eat a full meal. But here’s the reality – eating breakfast every morning will change how you look, how you act and how you feel.

Breakfast Breakdown

For those afraid of a caloric onslaught early in the day, rest assured that not every breakfast mandates an arsenal of donuts and a tower of pancakes. In reality, breakfast is what you make it – as long as you’re getting the necessary nutrients. But first, consider the following four reasons to be the early bird:

• Quell Your Hunger – Eating early helps keep you full during the day, and breakfast eaters tend to lose more weight than breakfast skippers (who eat more later to compensate).

• Boost Your Workouts – Morning meals provide the necessary energy to elevate your workouts and burn more calories. Instead of running for 20 minutes, you might go for the full half hour, and instead of 60 push-ups, you might end up doing 100!

• Power through Protein – Studies show that adding protein to your breakfast (such as from eggs or quinoa, for example) can help you feel full, boost brain function and keep your body strong.

• Remember More – a 2011 study revealed that eating breakfast can even improve short-term memory. Think of how much that would affect your life at work, in the gym and at home!

What to Eat

In the morning, you want to hit the trifecta – protein, fiber and (some) carbohydrates. Try oatmeal with fruit, Greek yogurt with fruit, or standalone fruits such as bananas, grapefruit, blueberries, strawberries, or watermelon. Carbs and fiber can come from whole-grain or bran cereal, ground flaxseed or whole-wheat bread. And don’t forget the many benefits of eggs, which are loaded with proteins and vitamins. For your beverage, go with orange juice, water, tea or coffee (as long as it’s not loaded with cream and sugar).

Take the time to eat well early, and you’ll reap the benefits for the rest of the day. Happy eating!

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