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Brick Training: Your Need To Know Guide


In September 2016, we all watched in admiration as Olympic champion Alistair Brownlee sacrificed his own place to help his brother Jonny over the finish line at the Triathlon World Series. As a nation we appear to have been inspired by the Brownlee brothers success; UK triathlon participation rates have surged over the last few years, and with the Triathlon Industry Association reporting 10,000 new UK participants in 2015 and a 15% growth in industry spend.

Switching disciplines during one race requires a seamless transition from road to terrain to pool. Triathlon distances range from Super Sprint (400m swim/10km bike/2.5km run) to Ironman (3.8km swim /180km bike /42km run). Regardless of the distance you choose each discipline places different stresses on the body’s systems, muscles and mental state requiring a blended approach to training.

Laying the Right Foundations

When quizzed about her training regime four-time female British Ironman Triathlon World Champion Chrissie Wellington famously once said “Some sessions are stars and some are stones but in the end they are all rocks and we build upon them”.

Wellignton’s use of construction terminology in triathlon workouts is not unusual. Brick workouts are one of the most popular methods to prepare for the physical and mental demands of multi- discipline events. Each Brick acts as a standalone component workout which when layered together aid preparation for transition.

Sometimes your available time to train, weather conditions and convenience mean you need to transfer your training indoors. Try adding our Beginner Brick workout into your normal gym session to start the journey to get yourself race day ready.

Ensure that you complete a full body mobility warm up to raise the heart rate, mobilise your joints and muscles before the Brick workout and end your session with a cool down to return your body safely to its pre-exercise state. Both workouts 1 and 2 should be performed together.

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