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Discover how to Lose It: LFopen in Action


We recently announced the introduction of LFopen, Life Fitness’s open platform products, which connects the great minds of the tech world with our cutting-edge fitness equipment through an open API, or product technology code. But the news didn’t stop there: our new Discover tablet consoles will soon be arriving at fitness facilities everywhere to revolutionize the cardio experience.  

Lose It!, an app that connects users to the people, food information, and devices they need to achieve their weight loss and fitness goals, will be the first fitness app to take advantage of LFopen. The app will integrate with the Life Fitness Discover tablet consoles by automatically logging workout results in the personalized Lose It! exercise tracker.

The calorie counting app also lets users connect with friends for a community of support. That support really works. App users that leverage the friends tools are much more likely to meet their goals. 

Publishing our API to outside developers secures Life Fitness’s spot within a digital community that thrives on collaborations and partnerships, such as with Lose It!, that will ultimately provide users with enriching, comprehensive, and dynamic experiences and solutions. With the launch of Discover, we look forward to future collaborations with all fitness and health app developers so that we can continue to provide exercisers and workout facilities with truly endless possibilities.   

If you are a developer interested in taking advantage of LFopen to benefit your proprietary app, reach out today by emailing us at

You can download the Lose It! app from iTunes or Google Play

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