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Effective Olympic Training Tips


Olympic lifting is an extremely effective method of strength training. But trainers need to ensure that exercisers follow certain rules and tips to ensure effective workouts. Michele Sotak, a Life Fitness Academy Master Trainer based in Chicago, offers a few pointers to help exercisers new to Olympic lifting get the most out of their workouts.

Build a Foundation

A solid base is required for any heavy lifting or Olympic lifting. Fitness is a constant and evolving process. Exercisers should build a foundation of fitness first and then begin to increase the intensity, whether it’s weight, reps, variations of an exercise, and transitions between positions in Olympic lifting. 

Concentrate on Form Over Reps

Exercisers should focus on form and technique versus the number of reps. Sacrificing form can lead to risk of injury. The most important thing in Olympic lifting is safety and proper form, not weight or reps.

Avoid Overtraining

Exercise can be addicting and it's easy to overdo it. Olympic lifting is not something you want to overdo. It should be done in moderation and in conjunction with other forms of strength training and cardio. Overtraining leads to burning out and even injury. Recovery includes rest days, drinking plenty of water, getting adequate amount of sleep and proper nutrition.


Every individual learns and advances at his or her own pace. It's important to be patient and not compare yourself to anyone else's level of fitness.

You don't have to be an explosive athlete to do this type of training, but the benefit of practicing Olympic lifting is that you can become a more explosive, powerful and athletic exerciser over time. Athletes might pick up on this style of lifting fairly quickly, however the everyday exerciser need not compare his or her state of fitness to others and can become good at Olympic lifts with a lot of practice, getting over the intimidation, and mastering form and technique.

Remember Proper Warm Up and Cool Down

A proper warmup is essential for all lifting and strength training sessions. Mobility is just as important and can improve our performance, so make sure to foam roll and stretch at the end of every workout.

Form is essential in any sort of training, but is imperative in Olympic lifting. Starting with a proper warm up is mandatory and is crucial for safety and injury prevention. New exercisers can help ensure good form by doing additional core work and corrective work.

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