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Fit Tip: Accessorize Your Workout


You may think you only need a good pair of shoes, some breathable workout clothes and motivation to be ready to exercise.  Well, maybe not. You can go beyond the basics and accessorize your workout with gadgets that solve small annoyances or make it easier to count calories, measure heart rate, track activity levels and stick to your healthy diet. Receiving feedback on these key elements of performance can be very motivating, so you will be more likely to keep up with your workouts.

Wearable wonder

The BodyMedia FIT armband provides 24/7 feedback on your habits. Take the guesswork out of your weight loss by understanding the three things that make or break a healthy lifestyle: energy expenditure, energy consumption and quality and amount of sleep. 

Keep cords in check

You are listening to music to motivate when your cord gets tangled up in front of you or on your fitness machine. Prevent wayward cords from interrupting your workouts by wearing a wrist or armband that straps your iPod to your person or try the CordShrink,which attaches to the clip of an iPod nano, allowing you to wrap any excess cord around it.

Know your heart

Real time heart rate training can motivate you to work smarter not harder by offering insight into whether you are exercising hard enough –– or too hard –– to burn stored fat. Choose one that measures heart rate, tracks calories burned and notes your zones. Most Heat Rate Monitors come with a chest strap that wirelessly transmits to a wristwatch. Polar chest straps are compatible with most Life Fitness cardio equipment. Wearing one allows you to view your real time heart rate right on the console.  

Stay hydrated

A stainless steel refillable water bottle, available at sports and outdoor stores, helps you stay cool while you avoid spending money and wasting plastic on disposable water bottles. Stainless stays cool for hours and keeps your water tasting fresh.

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