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Fit Tip: Get Fit with Your Phone


Your smartphone isn’t just for Facetime, Foursquare and Facebook. It’s also for fitness. More people are turning to apps to track their fitness, enhance their workouts, find better foods and customize their workout experience. Here are just three ways you can get fit with your phone:

Lose It!

Track what you are eating and how much you are moving with this popular app. If you want to be on the positive side of statistics (the people who lose weight and keep it off) track what you are eating. This app is easy to use and its database makes it easy to find, select and log your meals. Plus, it remembers foods you eat regularly so you can easily select them. Track the type and duration of your workouts and find out approximately how many calories you burned. This free app also features an online community for further support and features. 

Tabata Pro

If you are incorporating interval training into your bike rides, running, strength training or plyometrics, check out Tabata Pro. You can change the work and rest time and number of cycles to customize your workouts. Use the Tabata Pro App on your iPhone or iPad for only $2.99.  This great timer will make interval training easier when you’re at the gym or on the go.

Life Fitness LFconnect App

LFconnect lets exercisers enjoy total control of their workout experience. With an LFconnect account, you can create and personalize your cardio workouts by duration, level, speed and intervals. Easily access your personal settings and select from 17 statistics to see on the equipment display, such as calories, pace, time remaining or heart rate. Select your own heart rate targets or interval levels to meet your goals. Your personal trainer can also schedule various workouts for you and track your progress.

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