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Fit Tip: How to Eat Healthy Away From Home


No matter what your eating habits are at home, you know that travel presents a new kind of challenge to sticking with healthy choices. Temptations tend to surface at family outings, poolside gatherings and vacation spots. Plus, you develop a condition called “vacation mindset,” which is the place where all of your excuses to eat junk food live. If you want to avoid getting derailed from eating healthy when you are away from home, try some of these tricks of travel.

Take it with you. A great way to make healthy choices when you travel is to stay in control of your options. Pack some healthy baggies of nuts to take with you. Bring some apples or granola bars.  If you are going somewhere just for the day, take a cooler packed with some Greek yogurt, a sandwich, fresh berries or a frozen smoothie with you. 

Stop only at places where you can see the food prepared.  If you need convenience, opt for the fast food where you can see the food prepared in front of you, like Chipotle or Subway. No, it’s not your kale and quinoa salad, but it’s a lot healthier than those greasy burgers and fries from fast food places that lull you to sleep.  

Avoid the buffet.  Creating a fail safe environment that supports you in your goals is helpful in eating healthy. Skip buffets altogether. Seeing all that food in front of you gives you the feeling like you should try everything. Combine that with your appetite and it can be a recipe for disastrous calorie consumption. If you can’t avoid a buffet for some reason, decide ahead of time to only fill your plate up once and make sure at least half of your plate includes healthy items. 

Don’t let yourself get too hungry. When you are traveling, you are more likely to dine out and go places where the portions are crazy big. As long as you keep yourself satiated with healthy snacks and eating small meals throughout the day, you can avoid overeating because you aren't starving when you face temptation. Avoid the danger zone of huge appetite meets huge portions. 

Travel doesn’t have to mean disaster to your waistline if you follow the same guidelines you set for yourself when you are home. Stick with lean proteins and lots of veggies and fresh fruit. Avoid overdosing on caffeine and drink water. When you stick with healthy eating when you travel, you can travel light – no heavy baggage of regret to take home with you. 


After all, isn’t it better to travel light anyway?

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