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Fit Tip: Stay Active on Vacation


When you think vacation, visions of warm sun, a good book and a frosty drink probably come to mind – and then you remember how challenging it is to maintain your exercise routine when you go on vacation. The good news is you don’t have to choose between total indulgence and dedicated fitness on your next vacation.

1. Plan an adventure vacation. If you need to get away, plan a cruise that makes stops at exotic locations where you can rock climb, snorkel, hike, bike or swim. Many cruises have tracks where you can power walk or jog, and often offer top-notch gyms on board

If ships and open water isn’t your thing, plan a trip to a tropical destination where you can trek through the rainforest or a mountain adventure, which will guarantee a good calorie burn. 

2. Take a staycation. Sometimes enjoying a vacation at home can be just as enjoyable as a destination vacation. Staycations can be excellent opportunities to start new routines and seek out healthy activities near your home that you don’t usually have time to do.

Try out a new fitness class at your gym, get the whole family together for a rollerblading adventure or explore a new bike path for a peaceful ride with the family or by yourself. 

3. Visit a spa. If life has been crazy and stressful, you can plan a fitness-focused vacation to a spa that specializes in wellness. Partake in yoga or meditation, and eat healthy foods all in one location. Recharge your mind and body, and you’ll feel refreshed without the guilt of fatty foods and calorie-ridden drinks.

4. Stay active at your traditional vacation spot. If you like going to the same beach or vacation spot each year, you can find ways to fit more fitness into your days there. Always look for opportunities to walk rather than taking a cab or bus. Schedule activities for the day that involve being active like paddle boarding or wind-surfing. Find some walking trails, swim laps, play a game of tennis or golf – and skip the golf cart!

Vacations can include the right amount of rest, relaxation and fitness with just a little bit of planning.  

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