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Fit Tip: Stress Busting Workouts


Exercise is the perfect remedy to alleviate stress. It can release built-up tension, stress and any frustrations about your day. Exercise also provides you with endorphins, which can boost your mood. Plus, the social aspects of exercise, interacting with friends at the gym and building camaraderie through small group workouts, can reduce stress and promote your overall sense of wellbeing. The more you enjoy the exercise you are doing, the less stressed you will feel. We suggest checking out these stress-busting options. 

Train like a boxer.  

Boxing workouts are intense because they incorporate both high-intensity cardio and muscle building. It’s a great stress release but proper form is key for safety so getting good instruction is important. You can also try small group workouts that incorporate boxing, like a personal trainer-led Synrgy360 class. You might find yourself using movements like jabs, hooks, uppercuts, and kicks to get your heart rate up. Because a trainer guides eight or so people through each class, you’re more likely to learn proper form. Not only can it release your inner aggression, but it can also teach you some good self-defense moves.

Try a new way to cycle.  

A good group cycling class can burn more than 500 calories along with loads of stress. The combination of tension on the flywheel, pedal speed (cadence), and breathing creates the perfect setting for endorphin release. Find an instructor that plays music you like and motivates you and it can be an hour of stress busting bliss.  

Do Yoga.  

The combination of deep breathing, thoughtful movements and melodic music can change your mood in seconds and help relieve pent up stress. If you are new to yoga, try out a beginner class and ease into the poses. There is no perfection in yoga, only progress. Yoga is the perfect complement to any other form of exercise or as your mind/body therapy for the week.

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