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Fit Tip: Train Like an Athlete


Most sports fans can rattle off the names and recent successes of their favorite athletes without giving it much thought, so why not use them as fitness inspiration. 

Train like a pro with these tips:

Be committed. Make exercise a part of your everyday life, instead of just temporary activity. Athletes are always thinking about how to improve their performance and stay committed to reaching new goals. Start by being committed enough to work out even on those days even when you don't feel like it.

Run drills. You can improve your fitness with conditioning drills that pro's use:

  • Take it to the court and try 20 minutes of hoop shots, inspired by basketball.
  • Find the punching bag in your gym and do three sets of 30 jabs, inspired by boxing.
  • Head outdoors and try three sets of 30 quick high knees, inspired by football.
  • Try out three sets of 15 diagonal lunge hops, inspired by speed skating.

Try intervals. Intervals are one of the quickest ways to lose fat and annihilate your competition. In their simplest form, intervals are short bursts of high-intensity exercise separated by periods of lower intensity effort.

Intervals activate the metabolic systems in the body and improve athletic performance while sizzling off body fat.

Regularly update your goals. Set a specific goal and put all of your focus on that one goal until you achieve it; then set a new goal and work toward it. Athletes often push themselves to continually up their game by meeting and setting new goals.

Watch any top athlete compete and you will be inspired by their superb coordination, quick reflexes and sculpted body. Bring out your inner athlete and ramp up your workouts. Game on!

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