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Fit Tip: Turn Daily Activities into Real Workouts


You can burn more calories throughout your day by looking for ways to turn daily activities into mini-workouts. If you workout an hour per day-congrats!  Just remember, a one-hour workout each day doesn't cancel the negative effect of sitting for the next 10 hours.  Turn your regular daily routine into a significant calorie burn with these ideas and tips. 

Clean with enthusiasm. Squat deeply, use your legs and not your back to pick things up, vacuum with vigor, dust with full arm movements, wash dishes (it burns more calories than the dishwasher since you stand up to do it!). You will burn calories and love your tidy house.

Take Fido out for a walk. Whether Fido is your dog or your neighbor’s, you are doing something for the pooch, the dog that is …

Almost sit down. It’s like a squat … almost sit down in your chair and then stand up again. Now repeat a few times. It’s a leg workout at home or at the office!

Take the long way. Don’t sigh when you plop down on the couch and realize you forgot something. Every time you get up and walk, you are increasing your steps for the day and burning more calories.

Stand up to talk on the phone, or better yet, pace. Standing burns more than sitting and it improves blood circulation.

Park farther away. Don’t circle in your car waiting for the perfect close parking space. Park far away so you can log more steps.

Take the stairs. Work on the 15th floor? Take the stairs up and down each day.  You’ll be surprised how much more your heart pumps. Plus, your legs will feel the burn! 

Have a dance party. Turn up your favorite tunes and dance around. It’s good for you and it’s fun.

Go to a farmer’s market. Pick up some fresh fruits and veggies at your local farmer’s market. Better yet, walk there if you can! Filling your reusable bags with healthy goodies gives you some hand weights for the walk home.

Volunteer for a cause that involves manual labor. Habitat for Humanity anyone? Okay, volunteering might not be an everyday thing. But if you can devote a few hours to volunteering every month, you can use your muscles to give back to your community. Can you say win-win?

Garden. Eating homegrown foods is good for your stomach and the physical activity put into gardening is good exercise.

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