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Four Elements to Creating an Inviting Gym Experience


Nobody wants to spend time at the gym trying to figure out what to do next. The sleekest, most sophisticated machines in the world hold much less appeal if they are not framed in a comfortable and inviting environment. These simple truths mean that if a facility owner or manager is not paying enough attention to floor design, they are missing out on subtle ways to attract new members and retain the current ones.

It goes beyond simply deciding whether an elliptical will be placed in this corner versus that corner. Life Fitness Journey offers the concept of creating spaces customized for gym facilities. A video link to Life Fitness Journey is available here.

The psychology of motivating and engaging gym members focuses on people, spaces, and equipment, with special attention to these four factors:



It’s all about choice! Having the option to explore different workout spaces lends a great appeal to returning visitors.


Getting stuck in a workout rut is not a good thing. Presenting new challenges is important for any thriving facility. Equipment progression choices throughout a facility are appealing to both novices and workout regulars, and it encourages members to improve.

Social Interaction

When a member spends a lot of time at the facility, they become friends with other members. Make a place where people enjoy spending time and hanging out with each other.


People come back to spaces where they feel comfortable. Not only should the facility be attractive and clean, but it should also have equipment arranged in a sensible fashion. This will make it easier for exercisers to move throughout the facility and have a great workout.



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