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Four Things to Consider When Finding the Perfect Treadmill for Your Facility


Treadmills will likely continue their reign as the top used products in your facility for many years to come, even with growing trends in strength training, small group training and HIIT. They should remain a top consideration on your list of equipment to trade-in, add or refresh.

It can be easy to think “a treadmill is just a treadmill.” But that’s far from the case. With all of the options and vendors to choose from, the decision can be daunting. Here are a few key factors to consider when deciding what treadmills are best for you and your members.

Manufacturer's history of developing treadmills

How long has a company been making treadmills? This indicates both longevity in the market place as well as a history in understanding the experience members want to have once they begin a treadmill workout. 

Feedback from OTHERs who OWN the treadmills you are considering

Before you make your decision, have you reached out to other fitness centers carrying the treadmills you’re considering? Feedback from others can be extremely helpful and informative. Ask if the treadmills require frequent service or if members have any compaints. Are there any improvements members/staff would like to see regarding their treadmill experience? Is there a feature or benefit you wish you would have considered?

Trade-in value

What will your treadmills be worth when you are ready to replace them? A high trade-in not only represents a product that holds its value for the long term, but also indicates these products are highly sought after. Be sure to do your research and ask every manufacturer that you’re considering about trade-in values. This is one area where treadmills are definitely not created equal. 

Wear and tear

How long do the moving parts last before needing to be replaced?  Consider this a cost portion of your purchase. How much do your products cost over time? The need to replace parts early and/or often can add up to a tremendous expense. Even if the parts are covered under a warranty, the downtime can infringe upon your members' precious workout time. Always consider the cost to maintain your treadmills as a bi-product of your initial purchase. You may forget about how much you paid for your treadmills a few years down the road, but you won’t likely forget about the expense and quality of your products during their lifetime.

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