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4 Tips to Become a Morning Workout Person


Whether you’ve always wanted to start or have been doing it for years, there are plenty of reasons to try a morning workout. Not only will you have that great feeling of accomplishment, you’ll also jump start your metabolism and elevate your mood for the entire day! Just keep these tips in mind and you’ll be well on your way to a successful morning routine.

Preparation starts the night before. Like any big change, working out first thing in the morning takes preparation. Set your alarm, ready your workout clothes and have a water bottle chilling in the fridge. Anything you’ll have to do in the morning can be a stumbling block, so take care of it early. Also, make sure you stay away from eating anything less than two hours before going to bed. And when you do get to bed? You should actively be trying to sleep. That means no books, movies or web surfing. They might seem relaxing, but these spike the activity levels in your brain and just put you that much further from a good night’s rest.

Have a plan. If you aren’t a morning person, it’s best to have as many decisions taken care of as possible by morning. If it’s a run, have your route mapped out. If it’s some strength training, try making a list of your routine before heading to the gym. It may not sound like a big deal, but knowing what you’ll be doing going in will help you manage time better and stay motivated to follow through.

Don’t skip your warm-up/cool downs. While it’s very tempting to trim back as much time as possible before you have to wake up, don’t cut out anything that’s actually going to help. Nothing will ruin a morning routine quicker than waking up with unnecessarily sore, painful muscles.

Always make time for breakfast. Just like skipping the warm-up/cool downs, don’t count on getting rid of breakfast if you want your routine to stick. Your metabolism is at its peak for 30 minutes after exercise, so take the opportunity to set a good precedent for the day: lean protein and carbs for muscle recovery. Don’t use working out early as an excuse for an unhealthy breakfast.


Early morning workouts can provide great health benefits and give you the satisfaction of knowing that you already got your exercise in, no matter how much the rest of your day or evening may get off schedule. 

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