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The Healthy Home: 12 Paint Choices to Energize Your Home Gym


The Healthy Home is a series of posts provided by our partners at, designed to provide tips and encouragement for those looking to create a vibrant home. The first installment was The Healthy Home: How to Incorporate a Workout Area.

About the author: Killy Scheer is a writer for Houzz.

We can all benefit from regular exercise. But even if you're fortunate enough to have a gym in your home, getting motivated to work out can still be a challenge. However, one thing that can help you get moving is color. Your fitness area shouldn't be an afterthought or look sterile. Remember, this a room in which you may need to force yourself to spend time. This area should be stylish and comfortable, and adding a coat of paint on the walls is an easy way to accomplish that. So don't overlook the power of color when it comes to getting a good workout and staying in shape.

Orange exercise room

Peregrine Design Build, original photo on Houzz.

For added energy and a little fun, add orange to your fitness room. Orange is a lively color that will add some pizzazz to your workouts.

Paint pick: Orange Zest, Behr

When things start to heat up, one thing that can keep you cool is the color blue. Any shade of blue will visually keep your gym from feeling too warm when you start to sweat, and that could help your workouts last longer.

Paint pick: Velvet Morning, Behr

If you're inspired by many colors and can't choose just one, use a main color along with a few accent hues. This creates a unique space that you will enjoy from any angle.

Paint pick: Peridot, Behr

Nothing will get you moving faster than being surrounded by vibrant colors. Electric green and vivid blue provide a color scheme that is perfect for keeping a body in motion.

Paint picks: Nervy Hue and Impromptu, Sherwin-Williams

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If you prefer a more subtle look for your space, try a soft shade of yellow. This happy hue will also work wonders in a windowless room by adding a bit of sunshine.

Paint pick: Jonquil, Sherwin-Williams

Living room with medicine balls

Klang & Associates, original photo on Houzz.

A color-blocking technique is a fun way to add style to your fitness area. If you use your space for yoga and stretching, choose a combination of natural, organic colors to create a sense of calm.

Paint picks: Terrapin Green, Chestertown Buff and Super White, Benjamin Moore

Home yoga studio

John Kraemer & Sons, original photo on Houzz.

Remember that your ceiling is the "fifth wall" in your space, and adding color there will provide a dose of inspiration from up above — perfect for stretches that require lying on your back.

Paint picks: Storm Cloud Gray and Buckland Blue, Benjamin Moore

Don't overlook neutrals. If you find bright colors distracting, choose an ivory, cream or tan wall color. Your gym will still feel inviting, and you'll be able to focus on your workout.

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Paint pick: August Moon, Sherwin-Williams

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