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The Healthy Home: How to Incorporate a Workout Area

The Healthy Home is a series of posts provided by our partners at, designed to provide tips and encouragement for those looking to create a vibrant home. See the second installment, The Healthy Home: 12 Paint Choices to Energize Your Home Gym

About the author: Killy Scheer is a writer for Houzz.

Almost all of us could use more exercise in our lives. More power to you, if you don't! I find it helps to make a workout space as accessible as possible to minimize the opportunity for excuse making. That's why home gyms, no matter the size, are so helpful. Gym memberships are great, but there are days when working out at home would be enough.

Sometimes all we can spare is a few square feet for our home gym, but if done right, that's more than sufficient. Regardless of what kind of space you have, there are ways to make it look great and inspire you.

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Gyms and complements to gyms (such as saunas) can be carved out of awkward space you're not sure how to use — or if you're one of the lucky few who have too much closet and not enough stuff.

decordemon, original photo on Houzz.

If you've got the space for a home gym, don't make excuses for it, celebrate it! I love this tough concrete floor and boxing bag, paired with the elegant tufted bench for breaks.

White cabinet in home office

Aesthetic Outburst, original photo on Houzz.

If you're like me, all you've got to work with is a strip of floor and a nearby cabinet. That's just enough space for impromptu yoga, pilates and a little light lifting.

Keep a mat rolled up in the cabinet along with a pair of small dumbbells and even a spare towel. Your workout will always be at the ready.

A home gym doesn't have to consist of a room full of workout gear and a rubber floor (although that's nice). Half the battle is getting motivated and liking your environment, so if there's a piece of equipment you love to use and a spot in your home you love to be in, consider plopping your favorite machine in your favorite spot and you're sure to be inspired to workout there.

Home indoor swimming pool

Paul Francis Shurtleff Architect, original photo on Houzz.

I know. I know. We can't all have this little slice-o-heaven in our homes. But for those who can, more power to ya!

It seems to me that one challenge for many parents is finding a sitter for the kids so they can go workout. Childcare is already so expensive that adding another hour or two seems indulgent. But it's important for parents to make time for themselves and their health. Setting up a little workout spot where you can keep an eye on the kiddos might be the solution.

Home indoor swimming pool

Becker Architects Limited, original photo on Houzz.

Yes, another luxurious lap pool shot. But I'm focusing on the plants here. Help your workout spot blend in with a bit of greenery, which also adds life and freshens the air.

Home exerciser room with yoga mats

JJ Hand, original photo on Houzz.

While this gym isn't in a residence, the layout and overall feeling can be modified for use at home. The stretched textile is a great way to separate a workout area from the rest of a room without blocking light. All the equipment (and furniture, and accessories, for that matter) in this image looks great. The space is clean, bright airy and doesn't scream, "GYM!"

Sitting room with fireplace

Mark Brand Architecture, original photo on Houzz.

While a sitting room in a master bedroom sounds like a fabulous idea, in my experience, it is seldom used. How about turning it into a well-appointed and beautiful workout space?

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