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Hi Tech Fitness Stars at CES 2013


The 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was a hot bed of tech geeks, reporters, app developers and some of the most innovative consumer electronics companies in the world. We saw everything from a helicopter you could control with your thoughts to a  fork that tells you when you’re eating too fast, and an ultra hi-def TV that blows current HD models out of the water. Inspiration at this year’s show was limitless.

There was also no shortage of fitness and health innovations. For hi tech fitness buffs, data is king, and being connected was the theme of this year’s show. Fitness brands showed off wireless data collection, sharing and tracking, then integrated the exercise information with the products we’re already using during our workouts, like smartphones.

Imagine the implications for companies, insurance providers and healthcare professionals if the average person could access tools to easily keep an accurate, daily log of their biometric data.  

Industry staples in fitness movement tracking, like FitBit, Runtastic and Jawbone, introduced improved versions of their monitoring devices, focusing on low-energy Bluetooth technology for seamless tracking. Design also got a boost. Committing to wearing a product all day long means it has to be easy-to-use, comfortable and beautifully designed.

Traditionally “unconnected” devices also found their place at CES. Wahoo Fitness introduced the first iPhone powered bike trainer at the show and WiFi and Bluetooth scales were a big hit.

Newcomers like FitBug and Valencell have created products with capabilities to monitor other health data like sleep patterns, glucose levels and VO2 levels. iBitz also introduced a tracking device that seeks to make fitness a game for both adults and kids. 

A holistic view of health and fitness is extremely important, and our team thinks we’ll see this advanced health monitoring trend explode over the next few years.

When we weren’t scouting out the latest and greatest, our team was on the show floor with runtastic, demonstrating their app’s integration with Life Fitness cardio products through LFopen. We want exercisers to be able to easily and comfortably track their workouts, but most importantly, we want them to do it with the cool apps and tools we see at shows like CES.   

What are your favorite fitness products from CES 2013? 

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