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HIIT is Hot!


HIITisHot.jpgHIIT is one of the hottest workouts that exercisers are participating in today’s fitness market.

So what makes HIIT so popular? 

For starters – it’s quick. 

A HIIT training session usually consists of a warm-up, followed by quick, intense repetitions of an exercise, and then a short cool-down or low intensity period. HIIT sessions typically last less than 30 minutes, allowing participants to get in, get their sweat on, and then get on with their day.

It’s also been shown to be effective. Many fitness pros link HIIT to greater reductions in body fat, blood pressure and cholesterol levels compared to more moderate exercises.

Just remember to go at a pace you are comfortable with and to not push yourself too hard. Because of the intensity and face-paced nature of the program, there’s a greater chance of injury – especially for beginners.

 As with any fitness program, it’s important for exercisers to learn proper techniques for safely practicing HIIT. To lessen your risk of injury, experts say you should cap your HIIT workouts at three per week.

HIIT can only take you so far though. Don’t forget to round out your routine with moderate cardio, such as treadmill jogging or cycling, as well as less intense exercise like yoga, so that you can stay in shape while avoiding the injury list.

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