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A Holiday Treadmill Workout from Our Trainer of The Month


Smiling woman on a treadmill
Life Fitness Academy (LFA) Trainer of the Month is designed to help you get to know the trainers behind one of the greatest educational resources at Life Fitness. This month we highlight Keith Smith of London. 

With family visits, holiday parties, and festivities galore the holidays can be an extremely busy time of the year. Exercisers have plenty of excuses to put their weekly workout routines on hold. But that's never a good idea, especially during a time where questionable nutrional choices are the norm. 

This 20-minute treadmill workout by Keith Smith gives you a cardio boost without taking up too much of your busy holiday time. 

Treadmill Workout
Treadmill Workout
Holiday Fitness
trainer of the month
Life Fitness Academy


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