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Hotels Focus on Fitness and Health


Recent trends show the hotel industry is listening to their customers and focusing more on fitness with everything from workout kits delivered to your door to luggage racks that can be used as a workout bench.

Sure, many of us may never leave our beach chair or make it down to the workout room when we travel, but isn’t it nice to know the option is there? And maybe squeezing in that workout wouldn’t be so tough if the experience was more pleasant than the dingy, dark hotel gyms many of us are used to.

Sheraton Fitness has partnered with Core Performance to provide a well-rounded fitness and health offering in its hotels. On-demand workout videos and healthy meal options make staying on track easier for travellers. They’ve also invested in new, state-of-the art fitness centers complete with programming from Core Performance. 

Sheraton Core Performance Gym with Life Fitness Equipment

Living Well Clubs by Hilton (found in Europe) also demonstrate the positive impact a good fitness facility can make to customers. Living Well clubs are actually full-service fitness and health clubs, open to public membership in addition to Hilton guests. This means consistent and reliable quality for travellers and a smart additional revenue source for the hotel.

Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG) also launched a healthy lifestyle hotel chain called EVEN™. EVEN hotels are designed at a mainstream price point for business and leisure travellers looking to maintain their healthy lifestyle while they travel. Features include a program of fitness events, equipment you can use in your room and an in-room circuit training program. Each room also comes with a yoga mat and foam rollers for after your run or workout. Even the coat rack doubles as a pull up bar and luggage racks can be used as a workout bench!

Boutique Affina Hotels in Chicago, New York City and D.C. will deliver a Stay Fit Kit directly to your room, complete with an MP3 player loaded with music to motivate your workout. 

Affina Hotel’s Stay Fit Kit

Expect to see these fitness-focused offerings expand in the coming years. According to research from IHG, in the U.S. alone there are 17 million healthy-minded travellers who report they find it hard to stay active and eat right when they travel. 

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