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How Orangetheory Got Into the Business of Designing Treadmills


Innovation is usually made better through collaboration. When Orangetheory considered revamping its treadmills to improve upon an already popular exerciser experience, it was no easy task. But when one of the world leaders in the boutique training space met with Life Fitness, the productive dialogue began.

Orangetheory knew what its exercisers and trainers needed—the ability to change treadmill speeds and inclines quickly and easily.


The team at Life Fitness knew what its consoles were capable of and that its open API would allow for Orangetheory to integrate its software, initially and in the future.

The two worked together to develop a console experience that made high-intensity training easier. Life Fitness also sought guidance from Orangetheory on how to produce a cushioned treadmill deck that its members were accustomed to. The result was a new treadmill designed specifically for Orangetheory, and the selection of Life Fitness as the preferred treadmill supplier for Orangetheory’s growing international business.

With 1,000 studios in 17 countries across the globe, Orangetheory Fitness is a leader in the boutique training space. Each Orangetheory class, taught by highly trained coaches, is an hour-long heart-rate tracked, technology-backed, full-body workout that utilizes treadmills and other equipment to help members elevate their heart rate to the “Orange Zone” or 84-91 percent of their maximum heart rate.

With this popular model, the business has seen rapid expansion with revenue increasing by 137 percent in just three years.

“The Life Fitness treadmills will bring a new digital experience to our workouts,” said David Long, Orangetheory Fitness co-founder and CEO. “By integrating our software with their API, Orangetheory has the ability to continually customise the exerciser experience through software updates to the connected cardio machines.”


Life Fitness created a new console experience, where speed and incline changes are made simply with a touch screen. Ideal for exercisers in the midst of the intense and effective workouts that Orangetheory is known for.

“Orangetheory Fitness’ rapid success is a testament to the engaging workout experience it provides for everyone that walks through their doors,” said Jaime Irick, president of Life Fitness. “By choosing our platform for their global expansion, Orangetheory now has the capability to continuously grow and evolve that user experience to keep members motivated and coming back for more.”

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