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How To Sell Personal Training in a World of Fitness Apps


The fitness world is evolving very quickly. Today, acquiring helpful exercise data is possible thanks to the variety of fitness apps on smartphones and tablets. One might even think these apps could replace a personal trainer, as they offer workouts, recommendations and track progress. 

But is it really that easy? Are personal trainers in danger of extinction? My answer: definitely not! 

There are many reasons why apps won't replace trainers, but the most significant is that human beings have great difficulty stepping out of their comfort zones and an app just isn't going to push them hard enough to get them to where they want to be.

Here are five tips to motivate clients to move beyond their app and hire a personal trainer.

Competency: This is the first big difference between the technology and the human. A personal trainer is competent in multiple areas, with information about workouts, anatomy, biomechanics, traumatology, nutrition and life coaching all at once (If an app had all these functions at once, it would really be bad news for the trainer.) A trainer should be able to give answers effectively to the customer and to achieve goals in the shortest possible time.

Personalized service: Apps provide the same information for millions of users. In many cases, apps require the user's personal data before they calculate the training data. If that were enough to provide a custom program, however, thousands of scientific books about training would not exist. A trainer observes exercise posture, eating habits and injuries, while also conducting a series of tests to create a program specifically tailored to each client. Even after a program is developed, the trainer may modify it after it is tested in the gym and evaluated.  It would be very difficult for an app to process such modifications.

Motivation toward goals: The only way to get new customers is to give them the assurance to achieve their goals. Obviously, the result will depend by on both the commitment and the perseverance that the customer will demonstrate along the way. A good trainer will find the right way to motivate the customer and identify the steps to achieve their goal, whereas an app's encouragement is always limited by it's data-based programming.

Consistency by appointment: A critical factor in the failure to achieve weight loss goals is the lack of consistency. Technology is not able to force users to train, whereas a trainer facilitates workouts by scheduling appointments that the customer will have to respect. A trainer's timetable helps clients keep regular appointments, and a trainer's involvement via text messages or phone calls makes sure they don't forget.

Human contact: The trainer-customer rapport is very special and is not simply about training. A bond is established, meaning that trust and confidence will be the foundation of every session  bringing the workouts and results to a higher level. Being aware of the real desires of a client gives the trainer a chance to create real change, and the client will be forever grateful.


You are the professionals, so make it count!

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