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In Home Cardio That's Easy on Your Joints


InHomeCardioThatsEasyOnYourJoints.jpgIf asked to name an in-home machine that can accomplish several tasks in one workout, most of us would probably say the treadmill. After all, a treadmill has numerous health benefits for some of the most popular fitness goals seen today, including weight loss, cardiovascular improvement and cholesterol reduction. Cardio workouts are excellent ways to achieve the goals listed above, and a treadmill is a great choice that can fit in nearly any home or apartment.

But not so fast! For some of us, impact from running can take a toll on the body, especially in our knees. Fortunately, you don’t need to skip your workouts, because we have solutions to bypass that pesky issue.

When considering options to give those knees some relief, keep these ideas in mind:

Choose a treadmill designed to be more comfortable. One such option is the Life Fitness-patented FlexDeck Technology™ for treadmills. It decreases impact up to 30 percent versus running outside, meaning nearly one-third of the impact your body absorbs while outside for a run is reduced. Reduced impact allows for longer runs with fewer injuries, helping you achieve your fitness goals as safely as possible. Less down time from injury or soreness will help you stay active and committed to your goals.

Try a cross-trainer or elliptical. If reducing the impact on a treadmill isn't enough, a cross-trainer or elliptical might be a better option. Life Fitness cross-trainers are designed to diminish most of the impact from running, but give you the same motion and feel of running outside. Cross-trainers efficiently burn calories without unwanted impact to your body and joints while using your legs, arms and core muscles in a total-body workout.

Don't forget about the exercise bike. It won’t provide a total body exercise like a cross-trainer or be as intense as a treadmill workout, but the ever-popular exercise bike doesn’t require much space in a home and doesn’t need an outlet to plug into  and will produce a strong, calorie-burning experience.



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