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Life Fitness at CES 2015


2015 is bringing a lot of new and exciting tech advances in the fitness industry. There was no better place to show off all the new technology at Life Fitness than CES in Las Vegas.

To show off all of the exciting coverage of Life Fitness at CES, we pulled together all the highlights on this page for you to get a peek at what we're working on.

Learn how Life Fitness is becoming an important part of health and wellness technology.

Watch Fox Business interview triathlete Tim Don as he completes the marathon portion of his indoor Ironman on a Life Fitness treadmill in Polar's booth.

See our view for the future of connected products in an interview from the App Developers Alliance.

Hear Life Fitness discuss connected fitness with Popular Technology Radio. Technology Manager Anthony Morelli talks about fitness tech at the 42:00 mark if you want to skip ahead. 

Check out the different booths at CES Life Fitness was in action at on our Facebook page.

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