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How to Take Your Home Gym High-Tech


Life Fitness X5 Cross-Trainer Elliptical - Exercise and fitness equipment reviews and ratingsOnly a few months after a collection of Life Fitness products were honored with's 2011 “Best Of” Awards, two new consoles for the cardio equipment came to market. In an effort to make the best even better, Life Fitness introduced the Track and Go consoles. These two console options are available on the X5 and X8 Elliptical Cross-Trainers, which were featured in the awards, as well as several of our treadmills and Lifecycle exercise bikes.

One of the coolest features on these consoles is the addition of the energy saver. Forty percent of a product’s lifetime energy consumption for typical consumer electronics occurs when the item is not even being used. Surprising…and costly. At Life Fitness, we call these “Energy Vampires”, because they suck energy without you knowing. The energy saver feature on the new Life Fitness consumer line of products reduces the energy consumption of your machine when in standby mode, by up to 90 percent. In 2013, energy saving components will be standard in Europe, and Life Fitness has been including this feature on all new home products since 2010.


The Energy Saver feature is also available on the new Track Console, along with iPod Connectivity, USB Compatibility, more custom programs, a new Fit Test program, and integration with Pandora Radio. Just plug in your device and control your iTunes or Pandora playlists right from the console screen!

Another great feature on the Track console is the ability to create and record workouts via the Life Fitness Virtual Trainer app on iTunes or the Virtual Trainer Website. Your doctor and/or personal trainers will thank you for being able to track your results, or tell you to do more. With one click on my Virtual Trainer app I can see how many miles I’ve gone, calories burned and total time added up by the week, month or year. It also reminds me that those numbers should be about double what they are, but we’ll save that for a later post.

It even allows you to keep weightlifting stats and if using the app with an iPhone, you can GPS map your workouts and track by location, distance and speed. If that’s not enough, you can share all the information via Facebook. Prove your co-workers wrong. Don’t just tell them, show them your workouts. Soon the whole office will be competing.

Keeping up with technology is like trying to keep up with Usain Bolt. But, the Track and Go consoles bring some real, useable technology to the table that improve your workouts and even help the environment. Two things most of us need to do a better job at.

So bring on this year’s reviews - We’re ready! 

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