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Even before Bravo’s Million Dollar Decorators were hitting Cross-Fit classes and the number of boutique fitness studios increased exponentially, Life Fitness product development teams knew the time was right for some new ideas in the fitness world.

Enter Life Fitness Forward, products for the ways people exercise today.

There’s a sleek-looking indoor cycling bike, the Lifecycle GX, which might inspire people to try a group cycling class on curb appeal alone. If they give it a go, they’ll experience a smooth ride and great feedback. 

SYNRGY360 sounds kind of futuristic, but it’s really an amazing blend of old school fitness like boxing and kettlebells, plus new techniques like TRX® Suspension Training®. You can pretty much do anything on the system and it’s great for groups of 8 to 12 so bring friends. 

If group training isn’t your thing, solo workouts become immersive outdoor adventures with Lifescape. The scenery keeps pace with the exerciser and the equipment incline and resistance changes with the terrain. Plus, there are thousands of music videos and other entertainment. 

We like to say we’ve been at the forefront of fitness for over forty years. 

No, really, we say it a lot. 

But it’s true. 

Back when exercising in a gym meant a dusty rack of dumbbells in the corner of a boxing place, or one of those jiggle machines next to the scale at the tennis club, we introduced the Lifecycle® Exercise Bike. 

Since then we’ve always been about developing the products people can’t wait to use. 

Life Fitness Forward is all about making workouts fun while seeing amazing results. 

If you plan on attending IHRSA 2012 in Los Angeles this week, make sure to stop by the Life Fitness booth (we’re #2001) where you can be one of the first to see these Life Fitness Forward products. You can even sign up for group workout sessions on SYNRGY360 and Lifecycle GX during the show. Visit our IHRSA page for more information and we hope to see you there! 

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