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Life Fitness Introduces Industry’s First Open API


Life Fitness is officially open. We are proud to be the first major fitness equipment-maker to open its code, also known as API (Application Programming Interface). But what does that mean?

Think of this way:

If Apple® was a closed platform, they would have 14 apps right now, created by Apple. But because Apple has an open API, developers have created over 600,000 apps for customers to download. It gives users a choice in how they use Apple products. 

If Life Fitness remained closed, like we've been in the past, we'd only have our Life Fitness Virtual Trainer App available to integrate with our equipment. We love Virtual Trainer, but it only gives our customers one option and we all know one size does not fit all.

In an effort to continuously provide our customers with the best workout experience, we've made the strategic decision to open our products and give our customers that choice.

This open platform product called LFopen™ provides outside developers access to future Life Fitness equipment software codes, and the ability to customize applications that leverage workout presets, workout results, real time monitoring and more. There are endless possibilities for developers to create user experiences including workout tracking apps, personal training apps, gaming apps and more.

For the exerciser, this means access to not one app, but potentially thousands of apps to personalize their workout experience.

For the gym owner, it’s an opportunity to create branded solutions that integrate directly with your Life Fitness equipment, including reward and incentive programs, tracking applications, website integration and more, giving gym members the most up-to-date content and entertainment to improve the workout experience.

We make great fitness equipment – and we’ll keep doing that – but now we want to give new, creative minds the opportunity to come up with fresh ways to engage and motivate exercisers.

This is the future of fitness.



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