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Life Fitness Mileage Club Stories Inspire and Motivate


So an ex-smoker, a Trekky, and a busy Mom walk into a bar...

No punch line here, just new members of the Life Fitness Mileage Club who achieved their fitness goals with Life Fitness equipment. People from all walks of life have submitted remarkable stories on how fitness and specifically, Life Fitness, has changed their lives. Four stories were chosen as finalists in a  vote for the most inspiring story. We would like to congratulate Michael Meyer from Lexington, KY on winning the fan favorite vote and a new piece of Life Fitness equipment. You can read his story below and if you have a fitness success story to share, Life Fitness and fellow Mileage Club members would love to hear them.

Michael Meyer, Lexington, KY

Year Purchased: 2007
Miles Traveled: 2723
Product: X3 Elliptical Cross-Trainer

The Life Fitness Elliptical Cross-Trainer has changed my life. Over one year and 103 pounds ago, my cholesterol was abnormally high, and my energy level was understandably low. I wanted to change. After a bit of research, I began working out on the Life Fitness X3 Elliptical. Although we bought it in 2007, it was used very little until July, 2011. I began a daily routine of working out for an hour, immediately when I got home from work, 6-7 days per week, and did my best to keep my daily calorie intake at 1500 calories. In January 2012, I felt so good, I increased my workout to 2 hours each day, including an hour before work.

The X3 is easy on my knees, has a smooth glide, and is so quiet I can listen to music or the tv with the volume on low. It’s impressively sturdy, and I like the Polar Heart Rate Belt. The Programmable Display has been a great motivator for me – it shows how fast you are going, how many miles you’ve gone, and how many hills and valleys you have left to climb. The settings can be programmed so you can have more than one custom workout saved. It has a great Quick Start feature so you can be going within seconds. I just wish I hadn’t waited so long to get started. I’m happy to say, that in fifteen months,

I’ve lost over 100 pounds, my cholesterol is 71 points lower, my blood pressure is 19 points lower to within the normal range, and I have reached my goal weight. I’m now using the X3 to maintain my weight loss, and would really love to add a Life Fitness stationary bike sometime. When my doctor asked how I’d managed to finally lower my cholesterol, my weight, and improve my overall fitness, I explained my exercise routine on my Life Fitness X3. I’ve nicknamed it the Iron Horse. It’s still going strong, and hopefully so am I.

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