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Life Fitness Recommended App Runtastic Hits Milestone


We’re excited to hear that one of the Life Fitness compatible apps, Runtastic, is rising rapidly in the fitness app world. The Austrian app developer reached 25 million total downloads this week, which surpassed popular fitness and running apps, including Nike+ and RunKeeper. The company announced it hit 10 million registered users for its website, too.

Along with the milestone, Runtastic also announced it will release its hardware in the U.S. for the first time. The developer will offer Bluetooth heart-rate monitor, sports arm bands and a cycling speed sensor on Amazon.

Runtastic works with Life Fitness by making their apps compatible with our LFopen products. Life Fitness is the first and only fitness equipment manufacturer to offer products with an open API, which means that any fitness app developer, like Runtastic, can create apps that are compatible with our equipment.

The developer, which offers several different apps compatible for both Android® and Apple® devices, has been on a swift rise over the past several months. In October 2012, the company announced it was already at 14 million downloads. Nike+ had 11 million downloads as of February 2013. The developer has created apps that sync with your GPS so you can measure distance, elevation and speed of your runs or cycling outings, as well as apps that track total push ups, squats, sit ups and pull ups.

Check out Mashable’s write up about Runtastic’s milestone, and make sure to learn more about how our open platform products help connect exercisers and facilities here.

Congrats to the entire Runtastic team! 

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