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Looking For a New Cross-Trainer?


TrackPlusX1Elliptical.jpgCross-trainers, otherwise known as ellipticals, offer users a good cardio workout through a wide range of motion in the upper and lower body. Of the ellipticals in today’s market, many may look the same at a glance, but you would be surprised if you took a closer look at their differences. But given dozens of choices, how do you know which elliptical is right for you? Well, consider the following before you put your shopping shoes on…

User-Friendly Technology

Attention everyone, we are now leaving the dark ages and computers are everywhere! Ellipticals and other fitness machines are equipped with consoles that track your distance and calories burned while using one of the console’s built-in workouts. Some consoles, like Life Fitness Track+, are even smarter. Track+ gives users the ability to connect their iPhones or Android devices, track their workouts, and use different fitness apps with the console. It also has a reading rack for your tablet or other reading material.


The point of buying exercise equipment is to get a workout, and the only way you’re getting a workout is with adequate resistance. When testing ellipticals, find one with a wide range of resistance adjustability that accommodates your needs now as well as your needs two years from purchase. And make sure the machine offers consistent resistance at any one setting.

Motion Sequence

You should feel a certain degree of comfort on your new machine. If you sense the design of a particular elliptical feels too uncomfortable, it may not be the best choice. Choose something that feels like you’re getting a workout but also has a natural running motion from its pedal geometry. Additionally, the pedals should be spaced appropriately, grip well and move in natural sequence with the handlebars.

Design Features

You’re almost done with your shopping trip, but now you get to think about the fun stuff. Does the elliptical you selected have cup holders? Can it accurately monitor your heart rate and hand pulse? These aren’t exactly necessities, but now that we mentioned them you probably want them, huh?


What happens if you move? It’s always nice to have a piece of fitness equipment that doesn’t require an entire football team to transport. If you plan on relocating, find something that’s will be easy to get from "a" to "b."



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