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Models Inc. Life Fitness Edition


The stars at a Life Fitness photo shoot tend to be the equipment. Gleaming strength machines in custom colors buffed to a high shine and technically dazzling cardio equipment housed in custom-built sets.

The photographer is laser-focused on lighting every angle perfectly. Every so often, he will ask a genetically gifted individual to step into the scene - the model.

We work with two types of models: fashion models and fitness models. 

The fashion models often have exotic accents, which we love. They’re sometimes naturally thin and not too familiar with proper fitness form, which we don’t.

The fitness models are ultra-familiar with proper fitness form, but exceptionally carb-averse, so lunch tends to be a rather sad array of salads rather than the taco bar that our photo shoot team prefers.

When a fashion model is on-set, our agency creative director is at ease because they are used to projecting an image through their eyes and expression. The Life Fitness product managers experience anxiety in these moments because they’re focused on her running stride and maybe it isn’t the best.

This scenario reverses when the fitness models step up. The Life Fitness folks can be heard exclaiming, “That’s awesome!” as incredible feats of fitness are performed. At the same time our creative director is calling out, “Soften your face!” “Eyes toward me!”

In the end, the shots look great, everyone is happy because the focus really is on the equipment - the one true star. 

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